Monday, March 26, 2012

Art Austin At The Domain

Four words for you, beautiful women, sexy heels, that pretty much sums up the weekend. If I died and went to heaven The Domain would be that heaven. Its an outdoor mall, nothing really special, Macy’s, Starbucks and Victoria’s Secret, oh and residences, but somehow good looking people with amazing taste gather there. This show was right up there with one of the best we have ever done and with it being the first of the season it sets the bar pretty high for 2012. Best part about this show is that we proved to the fine women of Blue Lotus that we are worth having around. Which means we get to see a little more behind the scenes of how a show is run, however, I get to move more stuff around. But fair is fair.

We started out on Thursday at about 2pm with measuring out the booth spaces, pretty easy since it was only 87 artists. Then we built up our gallery, right in front of a jumping restaurant called “NoRTH” which has a really good burger and potato fried things that were to kill for. We were at the end of a long walk from the parking garage so people had a good 2 to 3 minutes of starring at my pieces before getting into the rest of the show (note to self: request same spot in October). Then we set up the artists check-in and talked to all the artists as they came in, set-up was from 9pm to 11pm. This part was really cool since I got to speak to almost every artist at the show, which is something I only do at really slow and bad shows.

Friday, more check-in, from about 7am to 10am and since I was part of the helping crew (or more like the moving crew), I got to move more already built tents than I ever have in my 10 years of being an artist. It was all worth it though, I love to help my people. So in the middle of running around yelling at artists about where to set-up, where to park and where to move their vehicles, we got our own gallery up and running. And just in time for the games to begin.

The weekend was good, lots of sales, lots of great conversations, we met tons of great new people who love my art and had a few people from San Antonio that supported my career from the get go stop by since they now lived in Austin. It was great to see everyone doing so well. The only down side was that we couldn’t park overnight at the mall, but it was ok since the artist parking area was by a loud train and had a mocking bird tweeting more than me (twitter joke) all night. But a near by Wal-Mart held the refugee of us and another couple traveling in their RV.

Stand out moments at this show? One couple sneaking up the backside, which was a flower bed with more dog poop then you could shake a stick at, to see the huge piece we had, then coming in and quickly picking up 2 pieces inside. Another couple wanted me to prove to them I could really draw my circles freehand before leaving with a piece. Then 2 really crazy ones, a lady came in, only looked at the sign the show provides and says “Comfort, Texas, I love Comfort” then “’I’m gonna buy this piece, this piece annnnnnnd this piece” then she went on and on about how she loved Comfort. Then a lady walks by and touches a piece and says “I love this one” then walks away and her boyfriend or husband yells “you touched it, you bought it” pulls the piece off the wall and whips out enough cash to choke a horse.

Then after it was all said and done (and 975 people came into our space), I went around picking up all the duct tape we placed on the street to mark the spaces. We pulled in to load up our stuff and answered questions about our so-called amazing van (this happens everywhere we go). So lets see how the rest of the year goes, but we jumped out of the gate with a great start. Lets see how good Austin is to us when we show downtown in 3 weeks.


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you guys! I'm holding on to all your early work to sell at sotheby's one day! I'm counting on you...seriously I don't have a 401K... :)

the famous nemo said...

lucky for you, thats been the plan since the begining