Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beach Scene On A Door

Check out this commission, its got to be about the biggest thing I have put circles on, well so far. It was kinda funny to be drawing this with all the snowing going on outside. It took about 3 weeks to do (I didn’t work on weekends or nights cuz I had to do many other things). I really love how it came out and if you're in Denver come out and see it at my “Open Studio” on February 27th and at “FMAT” on March 1st at Dazzle. Check out the right hand side on my website for more info.


Patricia Wood said...

Wow! Really really great! Congratulations, beautiful work!

Purple Pony Art said...

I love it! It's fascinating to look at.

the famous nemo said...

i wish everyone could have a chance to see it in person before the owner hides it away in there house